5 Skills to Master for Working in PR

In an ever-changing world of technology and social media, it can become hard to keep up with the latest trends and ideas. To become the most effective public relations practitioner possible in changing times, a lot of patience and fluidity is required in the development of strategies and tactics for organizations. While the adaptation can be sudden and sometimes confusing, there are certain skills and abilities one can establish to make the constant change a bit simpler.

Here are five skills that can make your future job in PR a little easier when it comes to transitions:

1. Creativity

Public relations is one of the few fields one can enter that isn’t as static and predictable as many other job options. Aside from standard writing formats and AP style, creativity plays a huge role in how successful a practitioner can be. A constant, creative mindset allows for new innovative ideas to be put into action and further challenge other competitors in exposure to different audiences.

2. Public Speaking

How confidently and efficiently one can speak on behalf of their client or pitch ideas, can affect whether or not a relationship between an organization and its public is mutually beneficial or not. Considering this is the whole purpose of public relations, it is crucial to be a good public speaker since credibility can be based off of this and ultimately dictate how an audience perceives a specific company. If one does not confidently represent an audience’s best interest, the target audience won’t be persuaded to believe in the organization.


3. Effective Writing

The ability to be a strong writer can go a long way in public relations. Whether it’s writing a pitch, press release or social media post, being able to write at a higher level can also aid in whether or not a public finds the relationship mutually beneficial or not. Writing about anything on a constant basis allows for practitioners to brush up on their skills and establish a more personal and effective writing style of their own.

4. Ability to Conduct Research

Knowing one’s audience is key in public relations. In order to accurately create communication methods that work for different audiences, it is imperative to do research. Becoming an effective researcher helps practitioners understand different markets and demographics but can even help in understanding the constantly evolving media world. If one can acquire the skills to become a good researcher or at least comprehend the value behind research, the better off they will be.

5. Detail-Focused

In public relations, how effective you are as a practitioner can come down to every little detail of your work. From how informationally accurate your facts are to the correct spelling of a person’s name, every little detail counts. A supervisor will have a specific level of expectations for yourself and one mistake can result in termination, so it is very important to establish a routine of consistently checking your work. Whether that be fact checking, extensively researching the topic or checking specific spellings, getting in the habit now will help in the long run.

This blog post was written by PRowl Account Associate Lauren Marhefka. 

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