Different People Think Differently – Let’s Diversify and Prosper!

It is important to continue to diversify the media and communication industries because without perspectives from each area of the consumer market, we can never effectively reach the whole consumer market. Employing people with experiences in various cultural backgrounds provides these industries with access to insights into different audiences. These insights are valuable and can only come from those that identify with specific groups of people.

The media and communication industries are based on messaging: crafting, shaping, delivering, and reinforcing messages. In these industries, diverse groups are being left out. If these diverse professionals are included in the development and promotion of messages, companies can adequately represent diverse communities.


Creating a diverse workplace will also stimulate innovation. Not only will diversified professionals provide original ideas themselves, but their ideas will also inspire colleagues’ fresh ideas. Employees that work with others who have differing perspectives and interpretations are more likely to form creative problem-solving methods. Different people think differently. When professionals work in an environment full of different thinkers, innovative ideas will be produced.

There are talented, qualified professionals of every ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, level of physical capability, race, socioeconomic status, etc. Professionals who identify with underrepresented voices are unmatchable resources. They provide different perspectives, insights, and ideas that strengthen a team’s effectiveness. It is important to continue to diversify the media and communication industries because the consumer market is filled with diversity, and inclusion of all kinds of people makes it possible to accurately reflect this market.

This blog post was written by PRowl Account Executive Marlo Brooks. 

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