Just Keep Swiping: Instagram’s Latest Feature

Photo provided by Instagram.

Every Instagram user has been in the situation where they’ve wanted to break that unsaid rule of posting only one picture a day. However, the photo sharing app just unveiled its latest feature: posting up to 10 picture and/or videos in one post. Gone are the days of trying to decide which picture to post!

This new addition allows you to create a slideshow of photos/videos for your followers to view. To view a post like this, users simply swipe right on a image where there are dots underneath.

The company listened to users who shared their concerns will the limitedness of single-post feature. Instagram hopes the new tool will “add depth to those moments, but it also complements other products within the app.”

The multi-post feature changes how business spread brand awareness and tell their story. It allows brands to tell a longer story, but just in a singe post. In addition, it also allows products to get more visibility among consumers.

Do you like this new Instagram feature?

This blog post was written by PRowl Assistant Firm Director Clarissa Ford. 

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