5 Ways To Keep Positive Vibes Approaching Finals Week


Choose to keep a positive mindset

“If you believe it you can achieve it.” One of the most cliché quotes of all time, yet

it still holds plenty of power. Come finals week there’s no room for self-doubt, it will

ultimately be your worst enemy. A positive mindset is a choice, so make it yours.


Stay true to your routine

A concept that can’t be stressed enough is getting into your everyday rhythm.

Consistency is the key to success. Everybody’s different, but if something works for

you that’s most important. If you’re the type of person to wake up every morning at 8

a.m. and enjoy a cup of coffee, continue to do so. With finals around the corner your

free time may suffer at certain points, but just keep in mind that the end of the

semester is also approaching.




Stick to the fundamentals

For starters, skipping sleep to do school work does not make you a hero. You’re

allowing your body and mind to function at a much lower level. Forbes contributor,

Beaton (2016) states, “Common causes of insufficient sleep include going to bed at

different times, not making sleep a priority and spending time on phones or laptops

right before bed.”


Some other fundamentals include staying hydrated, making sure you eat

appropriately throughout the day, keeping your caffeine consumption under control

and staying organized. The mind and body is like a fine tuned machine that we must

maintain daily.




Find your study place

Search for work space without distraction. Every great student has one. Whether

it be in your room with the door closed, the library or some random quiet space.

Changing up your study space can also create more positive vibes, as we feel

trapped if we stay in the same location. Get in your zone and lock in the way you

know how.


Interact with positive people

Associate with those who work hard and aim for high scores. Surrounding

yourself with a positive group of people can be the most important step, as this can

be extremely contagious. Positive people will motivate you to study harder and if

you’re lucky they’ll study with you. It never hurts to have a study partner.

This blog post was written by PRowl Account Executive Matt Duddy. 

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