Too Hot to Handle: Holiday Coffee Cups

Two festive Starbucks cups from their Holiday 2016 line.

As brands spread holiday cheer, McDonald’s recently addressed a minor embarrassment when one of their cups turned a little too raunchy. McDonald’s cups display two mittens with the phrase “Warmest Greetings.” However, a customer made the seasonal cup a lot more “naughty.” The cup went viral  on Twitter when users began sharing the photo and creating memes.

A spokesperson for McDonald’s said, “Our festive McCafé cups are of mittens not hands. The altered image circulating on social media is the result of someone getting a little cheeky and adding some hand-drawing to a cup.”

Last year, Starbucks came under scrutiny for their lack of holiday cheer when they released plain red cups for customers to decorate to their liking. This season they released a line of 13 cups with various winter designs like snowflakes, elks, and evergreen trees.

Brands must practice extra caution during the holidays to ensure their products/services represent the population as a whole. Assuring customers feel their beliefs are acknowledged in an appropriate matter is essential for customer satisfaction and successful branding.

Happy Holidays from PRowl Public Relations!

This blog post was written by PRowl Assistant Firm Director Clarissa Ford. 

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