Diversity in the Public Relations Industry

The public relations profession may be facing an issue that has been encountered in several different industries, including those outside of the communications field: lack of diversity.

Three reasons why diversity in our industry is critical:

  1. Diversity is a major business necessity
  2. Diversity promotes increased hiring and promotion of minority PR professionals
  3. Diversity offers a different perspective



As a business, you want to make sure that the atmosphere provides comfort for people from any background. This allows for your employees to work more effectively and it also gives the business a great public image because it allows people to see that you are not exclusive of anybody due to their demographics. Diversity in a business has a domino affect. Once one from a different background enters the business, this is seen as a gateway entrance for others whom as well come from different backgrounds. It also allows for employees to escalate their way through the business to executive positions. As a business, you want to be unique, use strategies that other business have not. This is done easier when you allow for people from different backgrounds to suggest ideas, provide feedback, and include their perspectives.

Temple University has done a great job of ensuring diversity in the public relations industry through their student organizations:

  • PRSSA – Public Relations Student Society of America
  • PRowl – Student run PR firm at Temple University
  • BPRS – Black Public Relations Society

Membership to all these organizations is open to any and everyone who has interest despite their demographics: race, financial background, religion, etc. Recently, on October 26 – 28, all BPRS members flew out to Chicago to represent Temple University at their annual National Black Public Relations Society conference.

Kiana Jennings, a class of 2018 PR major at Temple University explained “especially in 2016 when the stigma is so pronounced its important to have PR professionals of color to give second outlook on situations or cases that may not be thought of by a person not of color.”

Diversity in our industry is critical not only for businesses but society as well.

This blog post was written by PRowl Account Associate Glenda Gudiel. 

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