What Men Wear to Work

A continuation of ‘What to Wear When You’re Young and in the Work Place”

Interview wear, work wear and every event in between wear can be difficult to narrow down for men and women. It’s important to work on heuristics – non-verbal cues that send messages that can be just as important as what is said verbally. In this post, I’ll discuss how to stand out in a crowd of black suits.


For career fairs and other very first impressions

Consider alternatives to the classic black suit. Although you can’t go wrong with black, consider shades of blue. Blue appears as not so harsh and inviting. You’ll stand out from the crowd in something against the standard grain. When you have to wear a black suit, make sure it fits. I’ve heard so many times from people about how someone they met “couldn’t wear a suit.” Investing in well-fitting clothes is worth the extra money.

For a casual but professional work outing

Sometimes it’s hard to dress casual around people you feel like you need to impress in fancy clothing. You can read about Jimmy Fallon’s wardrobe malfunction here. Khakis and even jeans can be very appropriate for these types of outings. It’s completely normal to ask your boss or other colleagues what the attire is for a given event. For example, if you have to be at your internship’s office during the day, followed by a casual event later in the day, pack jeans to change in for later.

When shopping

Try to buy pieces that work together and separately as well as be able to be dressed up or down. For example, interchangeable black, grey and blue items work nicely together. This allows you to mix and match. Also, having black and brown or tan shoes, as well as belts, are staple items that will enhance an outfit instantly.

This simple changes can really make you have an advantage in your non-verbal cues and appearance. Other things to be mindful of are hair styles and facial hair maintenance. Although beards are acceptable, be sure to maintain a well-groomed style. Sign up online for emails from your favorite stores so you can shop when you know there’s a sale. The men’s department at Nordstrom Rack in-store also has high quality pieces at incredible discounts. Keep this tips in mind to make sure you ace your next professional event.

This guest blog post was written by PRowl Account Executive Marissa Reale. 

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