How to Break and Follow Blog Rules

We were so excited to join this year’s PRSSA national conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. There is something magical about Public Relations students and professionals gathering together to learn, perfect their skill, and network with over hundreds of different schools, PRSSA chapters, and student-run firms.

There was a bunch of great workshops that kick started on the first day, but one that stuck with me was the “How to Break and Follow Blogging Rules.” This presentation was run by bloggers Anne Waddington and Ron Culp.

They highlighted a lot of good points when it comes to blogging and how to set up your blog for success. Below are some of the key points they talked about.

Quality Over Quanity

When it comes to how much you should be posting, it is definitely quality over quantity. You don’t want to publish sloppy posts for the sake of getting posts out there. It is ok to take your time and publish only two times a week opposed to four. What’s important is how much time and effort you put into your posts. Your readers are going to notice if something was thrown together last minute. They will appreciate the time you put into your posts and that is how you gain loyal readers.

Be Yourself

It is essential that you are authentic when it comes to your blog. What do you what to write about? Why do you love to blog? Who are you? Express this in your posts and your blog overall. Plus, it is more fun that way! You don’t want to pretend to be someone else. You want to make sure you are being yourself. 

Invest in Your Blog

If you are serious about blogging, then you are going to have to spend some money on your blog. Running a blog is an investment. You have domain names, hosting, webinars, and camera equipment. Blogging is an investment but it is a reward as well.

Overall, the presentation was very informative and helpful if you are interested in starting your blogging journey.

Make sure to follow along on Twitter @ProwlPR to get more tips and advice from the conference! 


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