Don’t Sell Your Part-Time Job Short

Often times students will look at their part-time job as another task to manage so that they can earn money while in school. What students forget are the valuable skills that their job is teaching them, and how many resume-worthy skills they are acquiring in the process. Whether you’re seating patrons at a restaurant or bagging groceries, don’t quit your day job, literally. You’re building your resume and paving the way to an internship or full-time position. Here’s a checklist of things to remember as you’re earning money while in college.

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Time Management and Demonstration of Responsibility

Having to show up for a shift during finals week isn’t ideal for anyone. But, someone at work is noticing. Your boss knows you’re a student, and they know all you’re trying to manage at once. Going into work on time and making sure you’re working your scheduled shifts shows that you are responsible and that you know how to manage your time

Skill Building

Not sure how bagging groceries will help you land your dream internship? Rest assured that any skill you’re acquiring at work can be phrased properly to help build your resume. There are lots of resources on campus that can help you format your resume before any interview.



Any job is better than none at all, and your effort means everything. Working while in school shows that you have your priorities in order. You’re showing employers and your current employer that you value earning your own pay while getting an education to advance. This speaks volumes about the type of person you are and the type of employee you will be.

This guest blog post was written by PRowl Account Executive Joei DeCarlo. 



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