A Look Back On My Summer Internship Search


Today, I confirmed when my last day will be as a Public Relations Associate for Flackable. It is crazy to think that my summer internship experience will be over in just one month. When I think back to what seemed like the never-ending process of finding an internship, I am more than happy to be where I am today.

Let’s backtrack! 4 to 5 months ago my life consisted of resume and cover letter building, informational interviews, networking, the tedious application process, and (if I were lucky enough) interviews. For me, opportunity was endless. You name it, I applied to it. I searched for internships in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, LA, and ironically enough, I work virtually, right from home.

I was extremely flexible, however, I knew I wanted an internship that would not only allow growth on my resume but I wanted to grow. I was ready to expand my knowledge of the PR field. When applying I learned to go to every networking opportunity and every interview that you’re offered. That being said, networking can open up many new doors, (doors that Google may not show exist.) Additionally, when attending an interview it is important to remember that you are interviewing the company and position just as much as they are interviewing you. You may find that an internship you thought might be for you is in fact not for you.

During this grueling process of applying and preparing for finals it did not seem as if time were on my side. Before I knew it, it was the end of April and I still was searching for an internship. At this point, I had learned that some companies will not even look at your application, let alone respond to any emails. Unsatisfying, yet not to be taken personal. Somewhere along the way, I had networked with Brian Hart, the CEO and Founder of Flackable. After emailing him with great interest in the position, I had secured a phone interview. When I asked him, “What is one thing you look for in your interns?” He responded, “Well, of course, being a Temple Owl,” which is always refreshing to hear. When Brian explained the position, it sounded like everything I was looking for. After a Thank you email and several follow-up emails I got the position! The process was over!

Now that I have been at Flackable since May, I would do the whole process again if it led me to where I am today. My internship has brought me a new world of experience. In just one month, I will have finished an experience that has only enabled me to pursue and reach my goals. Looking back, I have learned to never leave a stone unturned. The application process can be emotionally exhausting but it is important to never give up! Internships will allow your resume to stand out after graduation and instill you with the confidence to produce great work. Follow my next blog to hear in great detail about my experience at Flackable!

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