How to maintain a healthy lifestyle while majoring (or working) in public relations

Maintaining a work-life balance can be hard, but it can be achieved with enough effort.

If there is one thing I learned as a PR major (and budding PR professional), it’s that we have a lot going on: we have to not only learn all there is to know about current events and PR but we are expected to do a lot of other things too. We have to constantly network, intern as much as possible before we finish college, build our social media platforms and have a solid enough personal brand once we graduate to get hired. To say the least, it’s easy to lose track of your personal life. However, I have learned some tricks that have helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle while trying to get a head start in my career.

  1. Keep snacks on hand at all times – It’s like that Snickers commercial, “You’re not you when you’re hungry”, and so I always tell people to keep their energy up with snacks. Granola bars, fruit, your favorite iced coffee, it doesn’t matter what it is, just make sure you eat or drink something every few hours and you won’t have to worry about the ‘hangry’ side of you coming out. Everyone benefits.
  2. Call/spend time with someone who doesn’t work in PR – This one sounds a little weird but follow me on this – PR professionals, whether they are part-time or full-time on paper, are almost always worrying about their clients. So with all of that worrying, it can be really relaxing to talk to someone who doesn’t really think about personal branding or social media. Make time to call your mom or your best friend every week – it takes a lot of pressure off of your shoulders and it reminds you that there are people outside of your professional sphere.
  3. Make time to do whatever you want – Always schedule at least an hour a day to do whatever you want. It could be to pursue a hobby, it could be to exercise or it even could be to take a long shower and watch that show you’ve been binging on Netflix. The world is your oyster in this hour (or more if you need it!) so enjoy it to the fullest extent.

With these three tips, I have been able to find a really nice balance between my career and my personal life. With today’s working world, it’s easy to lose sight of that balance, so I’ll leave with one more word of advice – always be honest with yourself: If you think you are overdoing it, you are probably overdoing it. A stressed person isn’t a happy person, so always put yourself first and know yourself enough to take breaks when needed so you can always give your career in public relations 100 percent.

This blog was written by PRowl Director of Finance Kelly Armstrong. 

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