The “New” Running Man Challenge

Ckb9324VAAAAzU-.jpg-large.jpegThis year’s newest edition of the AP Stylebook is bigger and better than ever. With 250 new additions, the book’s 600 pages can seem overwhelming to say the least. Some of the most significant changes to the 2016 edition are that “internet” and “web” are now lowercase.

When the AP Stylebook was released in early June, I decided to challenge myself to a new goal: read the entire book by December. I’m giving myself a realistic end date because summer, school, and work can easily get in the way.

But why am I doing this? Here are three reasons why you should join me too…

  1. It will improve your academics. By familiarizing with yourself with the Associated Press style of writing, it will help you excel in the classroom. Writing with correct form will improve the grades on your writing assignments in all of your courses.
  2. It will improve your career. When you’re more knowledgable about the industry’s style of writing, that will make you a standout candidate for internships and jobs. Employers will notice your fine-tuned grammar skills. Correct grammar will pay off!
  3. It will diminish your self-doubts. Giving yourself goals for personal and career advancements will make you feel proud and accomplished. Achieving a goal helps prove to yourself that you’re dedicated and hardworking, which will also reflect your attitude in your career.

To take this challenge too and get your copy of the 2016 AP Stylebook, see here.

This blog was written by PRowl Assistant Firm Director Clarissa Ford. 

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