Member Spotlight: Shaun Luberski

Shaun Luberski has been a member of PRowl since January 2014. After getting her start as an account associate, she became the secretary in April 2015. Having the opportunity to learn how the editing process works and being able to enter new internships and jobs confidently are some of the many ways PRowl has helped her.

When she wasn’t doing work for the firm, Shaun was busy getting even more PR experience and working towards her dream career in the magazine industry doing public relations, marketing, event planning, and photography.

Shaun has had two internships during her duration at PRowl. Both internships were at Philadelphia magazine and Flackable. At Flackable, an agency that focuses on financial public relations, she gained experience in writing bylines, video scripts, and creating media lists.

She had been at Philadelphia magazine since January 2015 and has assisted the event marketing managers and event marketing coordinator with planning, executing, and cleaning more than 33 events. She also helps create promotional materials, proposals, and media kits.

Shaun has even landed the role of Account Coordinator at Philadelphia magazine quickly following her graduation from Temple University this past Spring. Shaun supports the Account Executives over at Philadelphia magazine by creating contacts, collecting print and digital ad materials, and maintaining contacts with relationships and clients.

Throughout her experience as a public relations student, Shaun has noticed her personal growth. She has become better at prioritizing tasks, multitasking, and has learned how to maintain professional relationships through networking events.

Shaun’s best piece of advice for people interested in PR is to “Intern, intern, intern!” She believes that an internship will give you valuable experience.

“Even if it’s unpaid, take the opportunity to learn as much as you can. Be committed and work hard to prove yourself. Ask for advice and don’t neglect the importance of connecting with your boss and co-workers since people in the communications world are connected in various ways.”

Shaun also has a blog through which she has been contacted for job opportunities. Be sure to keep up with Shaun by following her as she documents her life events and shares photos on her blog,

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