How to Improve Your Summer

By Chris Vazquez

Summer break. A moment to breathe and mentally recoup from the months of stress. With the free time, students utilize it in many ways. Some find internships or jobs to make some extra money. Others use it to relax and enjoy time with friends and family. But there always comes a time or moment during summer where there seems like there is nothing to do. Everyone uses these instances differently. But, we all should consider how actually to use this time. Here are some things to consider on how to make most of your time during the break.

Set Your Goals

Everyone has different aspirations, so people have different goals. Think of what you would want to do over the summer. Where do want to visit? How many books do I want to read? How much money do I want to save? Establishing expectations allows you to plan your summer better and easier to accomplish your ambitions.

Try Something Different

We should all make time for our passions. However, it is good sometimes to travel the road less taken. What’s that thing you always wanted to try but were too busy? Summer is the chance to do it. Go to a yoga class. Travel to a different country. Make plans with friends to go skydiving. Many students use summer to get an internship and save up money. Although important, creating time for these fun moments by venturing out is rewarding. Even if it was not memorable, you learned something. Take these experiences and use them to determine what truly are your likes and dislikes.



As mentioned earlier, summer lets students recuperate from college. Allocating time to unwind and be at peace is essential. It is important to keep busy but not to the extent where it’s overwhelming. Everyone needs time to themselves, so don’t sacrifice it. Lay out in the sun and catch some rays. Watch your favorite show on Netflix again. Sleep in a little bit when you get the chance. Furthermore, it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Doing so allows you to be more energetic and enthusiastic. Go on a run. Cook a nutritious meal. Order a Diet Coke instead of a regular Coke. Relaxing and being healthy is important, and summer is the time to achieve it.

It won’t be long until classes start again. So make the most of your time. Know what your goals are, discover new interests and prioritize time for yourself. Doing these can improve your summer.

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