All About the Balance

By Joei DeCarlo

For college students, the words “internship” or “part-time job” are about as common in our vocabulary as “coffee”, “midterms”, and “finals”. So what happens when summer rolls around? You would think it’s a time for ultimate relaxation, catching up on sleep, and doing all of the activities you haven’t been able to dream of for the past 16 weeks. But in reality for most college students, summer means it’s time to work at your part-time job or internship position. Is it possible for college students to get the most out of their summer break while working or interning? I have some tips to help you have it all!

Tip 1: Keep a Calendar

There’s nothing I love more than checking my calendar and making plans for the week. I prioritize my plans by putting in my job hours first, and then I work around that schedule. This helps because I can visualize when I can make plans and I’m still working when I need to.


Tip 2: Have a Summer Bucket List

No one wants to look back on their summer and think of all the things they were too busy to do. Even if you’re working a 5 day, 40 hour workweek, there are still weekends, early mornings, and evenings. Want to do an early yoga session before work at 9:00 am? The day is yours! Keep a list of what you’d like to do by the end of break, and have goals too. Check off your list as you accomplish your goals and activities.

Tip 3: Talk to Others

If you think you’re the only one working and wishing you were at the beach or on vacation, you’re not alone. Social media may be the last thing you want to check when you’re sitting at a desk while your friends are out of the country having a blast. But, chances are they have plans to work or intern too. Talk to your friends to see how they manage their schedules. Make plans to have some downtime together! This will help you take a break from working and you’ll see you’re not alone.

If you follow these tips, you’re sure to have a productive yet rewarding summer.



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