The PRofessional Apps You Need

Can you admit to that time you downloaded the next sequel of Candy Crush? We’ve all been victim to downloading unnecessary apps to use once and never look at again. Or in the case of Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms we find ourselves constantly looking at.

As a public relations professional, here are some (free) apps that can help advance your professional career.

For the person in a hurry… Pocket

PKT_Twitter_Avatar_v1.pngScrolling through the Internet or social media, but don’t have time to actually read the article you’re interested in? Pocket allows accessibility to saving articles, videos, or links for later viewing on any device. Saving as much as you wish, Pocket also offers an easy to use layout for practical and efficient reading that is best on your time.

For the public relations guru… Smartbrief

sb_icon_400x400.gif.pngFor the latest industry trends, this customizable feed allows you to stay current. It offers you the ability to follow specific companies or trends that you’re interested in, subscribe to newsletters, and share stories with others. With 14 areas of interest, you’ll stay connected to the trends you want, such as tech, health care, finance, and more.

For the news junkie… Refinery29 This AM

icon175x175.pngFrom Refinery29, comes their app, which allows you to read the entire news in eight simple swipes. Every morning the app will give you a glance of what’s happening in the news with the pleasure of simply swiping. Each swipe, or “card,” will offer you a headline and summary. You can either click the summary for a more in-depth article or keep swiping. This app is ideal for someone on the go, but wants to stay media fresh for the day.

For the story pitching princess/prince… upitch

icon175x175.jpegThis app is a public relations professionals’ dream come true. The app is a tool for public relations professionals to post their pitches for journalists. Users are allowed to select their industry and geographic filters. When journalists swipe right on your pitch (similar to Tinder), you’re notified and are able to access the instant chat feature. Long gone are the days of sending endless email pitches to reporters for them to pass up. Upitch creates the opportunity for journalists to choose your pitch in a unique and convenient way.

For the social media addict… Hootsuite

hootsuite_logo_owly_detail.pngHootsuite in the form of an app is more convenient than already thought. A go-to tool for public relations professionals, Hootsuite is the ultimate social media management tool. In addition to allowing you to schedule posts to your social media platforms, it also allows you to track analytics and view multiple pages at once. Users can add “streams” that monitors hashtags, keywords, or specific accounts. The app offers all the perks of the desktop version, but in the usefulness of your hand.

For the big decision maker… PRSA Ethics

unnamed.pngThis app allows you the ability to have the PRSA Code of Ethics in the palm of your hand. It gives you the principles and guidelines to ethics in the industry to help you make better decisions in your career. The app offers professional values, code provisions, and professional standards advisories. To test your knowledge, you can even take an ethics quiz or check out the additional resources they provide.

By: Clarissa Ford



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