Snapchat: More Than a 10 Second Picture

800 million. Let that number sink in for a second- or maybe 10 seconds. 800 million is the number of snaps that are sent every single day over Snapchat. Tech Crunch has named Snapchat, “the fastest growing phone application of 2014.” To many, the app is just a way to send a picture for 10 seconds or less- and perhaps look like dog in the process. Though, I believe Snapchat is one of the most revolutionary apps in history, yet again there is another way to connect people around the world.

I enjoy face swapping and dog filters as much as the next person. Yet, my favorite filter has to be the professional lenses. You’ve never seen them? I promise they’re there. Once I start seeing through professional lenses, I am able to see why Snapchat is not just your regular app. Moreover, snapping in this filter has made me realize the effectiveness of Snapchats marketing efforts. The success and reach Snapchat has created may just be the secret to your next PR campaign.

The Reach

Valued at $16 billion, Snapchat’s largest audience varies between 13-34 year olds. There are 100 million daily users. The users are active and are always looking for immediate information since posting on Snapchat means they only have 24 hours before it is gone. Not only are they connecting with their friends but also they are viewing stories from around the world. Gaining a following on Snapchat may just mean having a global audience. Not ready for a global audience? No problem. With the use of Snapchat’s geotags you have the opportunity to connect with people in the same location.

Snapchat has become part of the 24-hour news cycle. Snapchat now covers big events in the news, not only do people tune in to live stories but they strive to be apart of them. The app features stories from Buzzfeed, The Wall Street Journal, Daily Mail, and MTV (just to name a few). The app has gone so far to even gain coverage of President Obama speaking in Hiroshima. It has become of the primary ways to inform and educate. Snapchat is a way to interact with the public and now is the best time to join the 10-second fun.

The Success

When looking at numbers Snapchat is not too far behind Facebook. Who would of thought an app that started out as just pictures could of gotten this big? So big- it stirred up a romance on a college campus! Snapchat’s team realizes they now cater to big audience and it seems they do a great job of keeping their customers happy. So happy- people use the app everyday just to be sure they don’t lose their streak. The dog filter was a huge success for Snapchat and now we have two! We must throw the team a bone; they’re doing a great job!

I encourage many people to continue with their streaks but to also put on a professional filter when thinking about the app. Not only are we able to see the success of Snapchat unfold right before our eyes but we have the opportunity to be apart of it. Who knows? Your 10 seconds of fame can start with the push of a yellow button!


This post was authored by Jill Curcio. Jill is Secretary and an  Account Associate with PRowl Public Relations. 

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