Why it’s good to have an internship that differs from your major

internship and job fair
When looking at an internship, don’t be deterred by it just because it doesn’t fit in with your major.

During the hunt for an internship, some people may feel a little boxed into their major. Some may think that if they  don’t get an internship in their major, they won’t get a job in their major. This isn’t necessarily the case. If anything, it can be good to spread your wings and try similar (or not so similar) fields. I myself have had an internships that had nothing to do with my current major. With that said, here is a small list of why it may be for the better to go after a variety of internships rather than ones strictly adhering to your major:

  1. It can look good on a resume: The first thing I tell people about getting internships outside of their major is that it may actually benefit them from an employer perspective. In reality, looking for a good employee is a subjective journey, but I have met many recruiters that say they like a little variety in their new employees, so a wider array of internships and subsequent skills can be beneficial. In short, you aren’t going to appeal to everybody with a lot of the same, so don’t be afraid to branch outside of your major too.
  2. It can give you a different perspective: When I was a freshman in college, I interned at a traditional newspaper. Not only did I get to see the entirety of the news business, but I also gained a lot of valuable insight. I learned the story selection process and what constitutes as a good local angle. I also learned what type of information reporters are looking for in press releases – and that’s just some of the stuff that directly benefited me from a public relations perspective (which is my current major). By doing something outside of your major, you can learn facets of your future profession that you may not have been able to learn otherwise.
  3. It’s Fun: Learning something new is fun and exciting! By taking on an internship that differs from your major, you are setting yourself up for a new field where you will still gain valuable experience and meet new and interesting colleagues.

As college students, we shouldn’t feel pigeon-holed into our majors. Now is the time when we should be trying new professions and gaining new insight into what we actually want to do with our futures. So, go out there and take on that new, maybe off-key internship – the sky is the limit and everything you learn will come with its own benefit.

This post was authored by Kelly Armstrong. Kelly Armstrong is the Director of Finance with PRowl Public Relations. 



1 thought on “Why it’s good to have an internship that differs from your major

  1. If an internship is a compulsory requirement to finish your final year of graduation, then you have to find a company to get on with.The purpose is to get workplace experience and in most cases, you have to do broad tasks outside of your college specialty.

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