5 Things to Look Forward to After Finals

Taking finals is seriously one of the worst things about college, and at this point in the semester, it can be incredibly hard to muster up the motivation to prepare for them. One way to get past this end-of-the-semester mindset it to think about all the things you have to look forward to after you take them. Here is a list of five things to be excited about after finals this summer!

  1. Music Festivals
    1. Who doesn’t love a good music festival? There are plenty to check out this summer with amazing lineups. The Firefly Music Festival on June 16-19 will feature artists like Florence and The Machine, Fetty Wap, and Mumford & Sons. You can also see Usher, Kehlani, and Future at The Roots Picnic on June 4th. So get some friends together and go have fun!
  1. Spruce Street Harbor Park
    1. We’ve worked hard all semester and we deserve some time to relax! A great place to visit is the Spruce Street Harbor Park. The pop-up park will be returning for its third year on May 6th. Take a few minutes to lounge in one of the many hammocks and enjoy the lights!
  2. Curb your foodie cravings!
    1. If you’re like me, you’ve been staring at delicious food on Instagram and dreaming about the day you’ll finally get to try everything. Well now is the time to go out and try something new! If you’re into wine, check out Philadelphia Magazine’s Wine and Food Festival on May 3rd at the Lincoln Financial Field. Attendees will be able to select from 650 wine samplings from around the world and try food from some of Philly’s top restaurants.
  1. Volunteer Opportunities
    1. If you don’t have an internship this summer, don’t worry! Volunteering is a fun and easy way to build up your resume! LOVE Your Park week starts on May 7th with a Citywide Kickoff Service Day. You can volunteer to help clean up or plant trees at one of the many parks around Philadelphia!
  1. Staying Active
    1. Find fun ways to stay in shape this summer! Try visiting the Blue Cross RiverRink Summerfest! The ice skating rink will turn into a great roller skating rink for the summer! Grab your friends and try not to fall!

This guest blog was written by PRowl account associate Sabine Lavache 

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