Q&A With Brianna Rooney

Brianna Rooney

Brianna Rooney was a PR all-star while at Temple University. She was a Temple PRSSA member for four years and served on executive board as the Mentorship Director, Historian/Alumni Relations Chair then President her senior year. Rooney was also heavily involved in PRowl Public Relations as a Staff Member while also holding down several internships. As her mentee, Brianna was my go-to resource when I was writing my first press release, needed advice on what classes to take and which companies I should apply to for internships. Today, Brianna still resides in Philadelphia and works as an Assistant Account Executive at Tonic Life Communications. See below for my Q&A with Brianna about her job, dream trip destination and hobbies.

What attracted you to a career in public relations communication?

Being able to tell a compelling story. I’ve always swayed towards work in the non-profit world or helping people give back. I think the story is what attracted me to PR – telling a story that otherwise would not be told and get the attention it deserves.

What attracted you to apply to Tonic Life Communications?

I actually did not apply to Tonic directly; I was recruited on LinkedIn in a way. What attracted me to accept the job after my interview and receiving the offer was the mission behind the work they do as well as the people.

What does being an Assistant Account Executive at Tonic Life Communications entail?

Being an AAE entails a number of tasks. It includes account coordination and organization, such as meeting notes, meeting organization and tasks like that, as well as helping the account team work with the media team, carry out assignments from the client as well as internal tasks. I learn something new everyday and have a lot of room to grow and develop further.

While there is never a “typical day” in any communications job, what are some routine tasks you do weekly?

Each morning, a core team and I send out a traditional media monitoring report. In the report, we do an audit for our client as well as direct competitors. In the healthcare world, there is always new news. This monitoring report serves as a way to keep our client and their colleagues informed. This is the most regimented part of my job – the rest of pretty fluid of meetings, writing things such as social media posts and staying up on industry trends.

What’s the culture like at work?

The best way to sum up the culture is hard working. We have an open office floor plan and while there are little bursts of chatter, everyone stays busy. We work really hard. At the end of the day, we appreciate that in each other and celebrate accomplishments.

What is one of your biggest challenges in your role, and how have you or are you working to overcome it?

I think the largest challenge is the industry I work in. Healthcare has a lot of red tape that others may view as a deterrent, but I think it challenges me and my team to be more creative and think outside the box to what will succeed the most in each situation. We think about our end goal and work backwards – are we driving traffic to a website or earning media hits and what does this mean for the campaign.

What are some of your hobbies outside of public relations?

I enjoy working out, eating my way around the city and spending time with family and friends. A whole world exists outside of the office so don’t forget that.

How have you worked to maintain a work life balance as you’ve moved up in the company?

I remember what is best for me. When I am stressed, the best thing I can do is get a good workout in. You can’t stay at the office all night, every night. I love taking mid-day breaks to go for a quick walk. City Hall is right by our office. Sitting in Dilworth to people watch for 15 minutes is a great way to reset, and your email and clients will all be there when you come back to your desk.

What is your favorite form of social media personally and why?

I love Instagram. I think it’s great to see what people are doing – there’s no such thing as too many babies, puppies and good-looking brunch pictures!

What’s your dream job?

Working for a non-profit organization of a cause I care deeply about.

If you had a free trip to anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you go?


What is one thing you wish you knew when you were looking for jobs?

It isn’t the end of the world if you don’t get the dream job or don’t hear back from a certain company. Your job search is YOUR job search – don’t forget that.

This blog post was written by PRowl Secretary Shaun Luberski. You can connect with her on LinkedIn here and follow her on Twitter here.

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