Taking Advantage of your Surroundings

Spring semester is in in full gear, spring break is a thing of the past, and there is only half a semester left. You’re probably wondering, where has the time gone, and what can I do now?! Have no fear—Temple University and Philadelphia are full of opportunity, sharing some of its brotherly love to its striving students.

So far this semester has been full of events, but going into the remainder of the semester there is still a lot to keep one occupied. Below are a list of awesome events to attend and volunteer.

  1. Philly Connections Flower Show

Volunteering for the Philadelphia Flower Show enables you to attend the flower show for free, interact with others from around the world, while gaining experience as you assist those working the Flower Show. The Flower Show is March 17th.

  1. Relay for Life

Any amount of money or time given, goes to benefiting the American Cancer Society. At Temple University, various other organizations are supporting the cause by raising money. The day of support for Relay for Life is April 8th.

With the various volunteer opportunity, there are also other activities to partake from, especially on Temple University’s campus. Some of these upcoming events are:

  1. Go-Kart Racing/Wizards Game

Main Campus Program Board is hosting a go-karting event on March 12th. With the purchase of a ticket, you are able to race, get food, and receive transportation. Don’t miss out!

In addition, the week after on March 19th, Main Campus Program Board is visiting Washington D.C. where students will be able to watch a Wizards vs. Knicks game, visit the Madame Tussauds wax museum, receive food as we as transportation there!

  1. Student Alumni Networking Night

We’re always told that it’s not always about what you know, but who. This networking opportunity is an awesome way to build relationships with other current and past Temple University graduates. In addition this opportunity is a great way to work on networking, even if you’re not the best!

  1. TU Invitational

If you are looking for an outstanding Public Relations event to attend, then Temple University’s Public Relations Student Society of Americas chapter is helping you out. The event is open to anyone, not just Temple students on March 12th. During this event, students will be given going through a series of beneficial sessions on the theme of “Story Telling,” in the world of PR, as well as have a chance to network at the end. I wouldn’t miss out on this event!

I hope these various events help you stay occupied, or help you grow as a young professional. Staying busy in college is never an issue, but finding something appealing is, and I hope this helps with your search for fun and professional growth!

This guest blog was written by account associate Joshua Ortiz. 


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