Infographic: Must-Have Traditional & Digital Skills for PR pros

What does the marketplace demand of today’s public relations professionals?

When asked “Which PR skills are most important for advancement within your organization?” for the PR News’ 2015 Salary Survey, more PR and marketing executives (57.59 percent) cited written communications than any other skill. Content creation (54.46 percent) comes in as the next most important skill followed by media relations (47.77 percent). Digital/social media (31.7 percent) is also cited as one of the important skills demanded of PR pros.

No doubt having superb writing and media relations skills still remain at the heart of PR, but the digital age has irrefutably broadened the spectrum of skills required of PR practitioners.

These emerging skills are important, and, in most cases, these modern, hard skills act as a layer on top of the traditional skills we’ve grown accustomed to from 10 years ago. PR pros need to equip themselves with all of the necessary skills if they want to have a competitive edge in the marketplace and stand out to employers.

While soft skills may get you hired, you need hard skills to get your foot in the door.

Here is a breakdown of the traditional and digital skills that are essential for every PR professional to succeed:


This guest blog was written by PRowl account associate Su Rei Khoo. You can connect with her by following her on Twitter or connecting on LinkedIn. 

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