SEO 101: How to get your online work noticed

 Let’s be real here, there are millions of websites and web pages online. It’s an ocean of content, and all you are given is a search engine and your own vocabulary to find what you need.With that said, if you do not know how to write for search engine optimization (or SEO for short), you can hide anything you write in plain sight.

SEO writing is tricky to say the least (or just plain witchcraft if you ask some technology-illiterate people), but it doesn’t have to be. There are three key concepts that can help you improve your visibility online:

1. Keywords – When it comes to SEO writing, your bread and butter is going to come from keywords. To put it simply, a keyword is a search term – the more you involve the particular search term in your content, the more likely you are to be on the top of search results. If you ever need help finding or generating keywords I recommend Google Trends, which tracks the popularity of certain search terms over a selected period of time.

2. Density – This comes into play if people write several key terms. In Google’s search engine algorithms, it looks for the particular key terms you put in and the areas in which they appear. If all of your search terms are strung together in one clean sentence on a webpage somewhere online, that page will likely be one of your top search results.

3. Authority – Finally, there is authority. This is essentially about who links to your website and how many people outside of that link to your website. If the Wall Street Journal is putting in links to your business’ website on their online stories, you better believe the authority of your business’ website is going to skyrocket just about as much as your search ranking will (which will be a lot). When reputable sources or simply a large number of sources link to your webpage, your search ranking goes up.

This is of course just scratching the surface of how Google’s search algorithms work, but it certainly is enough to start gearing your writing towards getting the number one spot on search engines.  

This guest blog post was written by PRowl account executive Kelly Armstrong. 

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