Help Me, I’m Stuck

As a member of the executive board, I am responsible for publishing a blog post every two weeks. This is a simple task, but sometimes I find myself struggling for inspiration. There are times I feel like I keep running into a brick wall when brainstorming for thoughtful ideas. I am dedicating this blog post to those of you who feel anxious about picking a blog idea and want to let you know that is perfectly OK.


(Photo Courtesy of SparkNotes)

For younger Account Associates, it can be overwhelming picking your first blog topic. “So many people are going to see this” and “What if people think my topic is dumb” are some thoughts I had when drafting my first PRowl blog post. Many of you might feel the same at times, but be confident in your work. You are a chosen Associate of PRowl Public Relations for a reason!

Next, I want to recommend a few ways that lead me to picking blog topics. First off, reading up on industry trends and current events is the easiest way to spark an idea. There are so many different stories and big events in the media that can tie back to this field. Second, pay attention in class. Whether it’s tips on writing a press release or profiling a professor, the classroom offers a great deal of ideas- and we all we have to do is show up and listen! Lastly, think about what you want to know more about and research it. Write to an audience you think reads these blog posts with the eagerness to learn.

The best part about the PRowl blog is the writing practice. One would think public relations classes consist of constant writing, but that isn’t always the case. Blogging is an awesome practice to build your own skills and create portfolio pieces. Blogging for a real agency is also a great talking point in an interview. Brag about the PRowl blog and be proud of your work! Not many people can say they contribute to an established blog.

PRowl is a supportive knit of people and it is never wrong to ask for help. Whether you ask our Director of PR or an Account Executive, any leadership member would be more than willing to give a blog post a peer review. Be confident and know that we all feel a little stuck sometimes.


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