Three don’ts you might want to hear before your next interview

With graduation and deadlines for summer internship applications swiftly approaching, everyone has been hearing about what they need to do to prepare. However, you may not know what not to do. Here are three don’ts to keep in the back of your mind when you’re heading to your next interview:

Don’t over-promise

Everyone has heard the words “under promise, over deliver” in reference to work attitudes, but many people do not realize how much they will “over promise” in an interview. Even though you may want to impress your future employer, it important to keep your skill set in the back of your mind. If a company wants to hire you to do something you don’t know how to do, it may be in your best interest to find a position that is better suited towards your areas of expertise.

Don’t complain when you want to explain

When a future employer is asking you about the work you did at a previous job or internship, it’s important to remember to speak positively about your experience. If you had a boss that negatively affected your experience, or if you think you could have done more work than you had the opportunity to do, try to focus on speaking about the work you were able to complete. If all else fails, bite your tongue and talk about what the organization accomplished while you were working there. Your future employer will love to hear that you were involved with the projects happening around you.

Don’t sound too desperate

The job search isn’t easy, and it comes with the harsh realization that not everyone is going to offer you a job. If you feel as if you’re consistently being rejected, don’t start viewing every interview as a last chance to land a job. Instead, look at every interview as a new opportunity to show an employer who you are and why you deserve the job. Remain cool, calm, and confident, and you’ll get the position in no time!

This blog post was written by account executive Kristen VanLeer. 


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