Outside Influence: Why Your Career Should not be your Only Passion

Finding your passion is arguably the best feeling in the world.
Having something that you enjoy doing and allows you to stand out from the rest is not only a confidence boost, but it can also contribute to your work and life balance.
But what if your work is your passion?
Many PR professionals say that their passion is writing, which is why they went into the field.
While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can become a problem if you associate your passion for a particular skill with your career.
While being passionate about your career is not only encouraged, but necessary for success, it shouldn’t be your only passion.
What happens if you get a bad performance review or are let go at work? If your only passion is your career, you could end up feeling lost or stripped of your identity.
This is a perfect example of why you should have a second (or third) passion that goes beyond your career.
If writing truly is your passion, perhaps another form of writing like poetry or fiction would be a perfect fit.
Maybe volunteering for causes you believe in could become another passion, which could have great effects on your career as well.
By volunteering your time at nonprofit organizations, you will meet various people from different backgrounds that consider work to be their first passion as well. You can think of volunteering as a unique networking experience while you are also making a difference in the world!
Also, volunteer organizations often have various types of volunteer work that can be taken on, so if you want to work on both your professional skills and help a worthy cause, you may be able to work in the communications side of a nonprofit.
What is your passion outside of the office? Comment below!

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