WTF is Peach?

You’ve probably heard about the latest social media app, Peach, but are wondering what exactly it is? Trying to learn about it from online research was only making me more confused, so I figured I would learn by doing.

Long gone are the days of Facebook news feeds and Twitter timelines. Peach’s “timeline” is considered a space. It’s your space to do whatever you wish from posting photos and gifs to doodles.


Peach lets you to use “magic words,” such as shout, gif, song, rate and more, to access different features. Don’t even bother saving gifs to your camera roll anymore; just use the magic word “gif.” By using this term, you can search whatever you want and pick from a wide array of gif options. I searched The Office and was able to choose any Jim gif I wanted. If you want to explore your creative side, say the magic word “draw” and you’re given a blank canvas.


Peach advertises itself “as easy as texting” and a “space for friends.” Despite being created by Dom Hofmann, the inventor of Vine, Peach’s popularity hasn’t taken off as quickly. One downfall is that you’re only able to connect with friends by allowing access to your contacts, making it difficult to really get a feel for the app. Also, you’re not allowed to have a conversation with one person, such as in Messenger or direct messaging.

While the app is only available for iOS users right now, Android users are probably not missing out on much. Essentially, Peach is a combination of Facebook and Snapchat. Unlike Periscope, which offers a distinct feature that no other app offers, none of Peach’s features really stand out.

On the App Store, Peach has a four out of five star rating. However, I would give it two and a half stars out of five. While I would recommend Peach to someone who is looking for an easy and practical approach to social media, I don’t see Peach ever becoming as successful as Instagram or Twitter.

My advice: just try it to understand it.

This guest post was written by PRowl Junior Account Executive Clarissa Ford. 

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