Staying Social Media Savvy in 2016

As PR professionals and students, we can often misuse social media, while having good intentions, in brand awareness. 2015 demonstrated the power of creative content online both for advertising and PR. From memes exploding into the mainstream to each of the top platforms seeing some major changes in sharing and exploring tools, 2015 was a force to be reckoned with in keeping up with being different and eye-catching as a brand online. With the new year getting in full swing, here are some tips and tricks I believe should be kept in mind by anyone working in social media to help take on 2016 in the best way for your brands:

Live moments can be your friend: Whether you’re following the “Moments” feed on Twitter or trending hashtags, finding topics being discussed in realtime can be a unique way for brands to gain awareness while staying relevant with their followers. A trend that seems to be continuing into the new year for brands is taking these trending moments or events and creating unique content both related to the brand and the topic such as branded posts celebrating award shows or major sporting events.

Plan ahead: Going off of finding relevant live moments for your brand, you can plan ahead in finding some of these moments in the month or quarter ahead. Content calendars can play a huge role in staying organized for finding these moments and staying on top of creating the best content to speak to the moment and your audience. Many websites and news outlets can offer you and your brand calendar dates for these events or moments coming up in the future.

Being a business and a party all in one: One of the biggest challenges any brand, whether personal or professional, finds when moving to social media is finding one’s voice online. Whether your brand voice is established or just starting to find itself, it is always important to stay relevant with your audience whether that is in the voice itself or the content being generated. It is also important that while trying to stay relevant, your brand keep a level of professionalism so as not to totally turn your audience off from who you are as a brand.

This guest blog post was written by PRowl staff member Mina Lezenby. 

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