College made me fat and unhappy

College students are not given enough recognition. As students, we are expected to have a full load of academic coursework and secure an internship. Furthermore, it’s suggested to work at a part-time job and maintain a social life. To teachers, we are their students. To bosses, we are their employees. To friends, we are their companions. We constantly need to satisfy their needs to ensure a promising future. However, I believe we’ve been neglecting an important person to impress: ourselves.
Last semester was challenging for me. I maxed out my allotted number of credits, became very involved with extra curricular activities, and worked for first internship. Although I enjoy a busy schedule, all of my priorities were dedicated to studying and work. I pulled all-nighters and spent more time at the library than previous years. Furthermore, I noticed significant weight gain. I considered myself to be a gym rat; however, my physical activity was ignored last semester due to time constraints. This was a little devastating to me because I’ve struggled with body image and weight management when I was younger. I learned to love running the fitness, and it has become a huge stress reliever for me. I always thought that I was in charge of my life, but majority of dedication has been aimed towards working for others and creating a professional career. Therefore, I am disappointed in myself that I have been neglecting my mind, body, and spirit. 

For the New Year, I am making myself a priority. College students need to remind themselves that their happiness is valuable because nothing is worthwhile if you’re miserable. Striving for a career goal is important too; however, you need to take care of myself or else you will be no good to anyone else.

 This guest blog post was written by PRowl staff member Kimberly Leung. 

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