Why winter break for a college senior is no break at all


As finals near and winter break seems closer than ever, I remember that I cannot spend the entirety of that month in bed asleep. Why? Because I am a college senior who is looking to be employed come May. This plethora of free time that has not been seen in months should definitely be put to good use to get prepared for the real world. Here’s what I will be doing, and I believe these tips can help you too.

1) Transfer business card information to an Excel sheet: As recommended by the Intern Queen Lauren Berger in her book, All Work No Pay, Lauren suggests keeping all the contact information from business cards in a handy Excel sheet. By updating this now, I will be able to quickly access it when I begin networking for jobs.

2) Check out the job market online: Although it may be too early to apply to any of these jobs, this will allow me to see what is open in the field. Through this, I will also be able to research companies that I may be interested in working for and seeing if I can make connections there.

3) Reconnect with professional contacts: With all of this free time, it is a great opportunity to reconnect with professional contacts, like a past internship supervisor, over coffee or lunch. It is always important to nurture these professional relationships, and without the time constraints from class and work, it will be much easier to coordinate!

Also, be sure to give your resume and cover letter some love! It will be easier to update now when everything you’ve done this semester is fresh in your mind.

This guest blog post was written by PRowl account executive Rene Cosides. 

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