Internship Tips & What You Can do to Better Your Network

Internships are always a hot topic. It’s all about where to find them, how to get them and how to sustain those work relationships. Networking is the foundation of unknown success. Here are current, real-life examples of what you can do to better your brand.

Cover letters and resumes: Temple University has fantastic resources for all students to take advantage of when it comes to perfecting their resumes and cover letters. Either at the career center or the School of Media and Communication, there are numerous places—like here and here—to get these vital materials perfect. Let your resume show you off, and have your cover letter expand on who you are. This is the first impression most employers will have of you. 

How to find and land the internship: Temple launched Owl Connect this fall. Here, employers can post their listings in the portal, and Temple students can apply. This is a great way to find a pre-approved list of potential employers you can work with. With that being said, don’t be afraid to do some searching on your own. Forbes, Inc and other publications have great ideas for finding work in your desired field. You can also reach out to employers that have caught your eye and find out if they’re looking for interns. When interviewing, apply the same principles for in person interviews as you would for phone interviews.

Network, network and network again. Networking should be your best friend. Locally, the Public Relations Student Society of America and the Philadelphia Public Relations Association offer great networking events to expand your circle. Remember, networking is more than throwing your business card at people. Websites like Purposeful Networking share great networking techniques to make sure you’re putting your best networking foot forward. Be careful what you saw when meeting people; you never know who knows whom

These tips are just the start of ways you can build your resume and gain experience. Apply them to your networking routine and stand out from the others. Don’t forget to always send your thank you note after an interview!

This guest blog post was written by PRowl staff member Marissa Reale. 

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