The Forefronts of Fashion Social Media

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Fashion, while a form of expression and uniqueness, is extremely superficial. The industry is all about appearance, and the creatives who design collections are always competing against one another to see who comes out on top in terms of creativity, innovation, and indulgence. That’s why, when looking for social media and branding inspiration, fashion accounts are a great place to start. These brands in particular know how to get, and keep, a follower and how to reign in those likes.

This Brit brand does a fabulous job of casual name-dropping. A plethora of celebrities are featured on its Instagram wearing head to toe Burberry. Yet, the brand makes it seem effortless and coincidental, as if the celebrities want to be featured on Instagram, not that the brand itself is begging for recognition. One can imagine that by forming friendly relations with celebrities and their publicists, taking pictures of them will always end up looking natural and effortless.

Kate Spade
It could be said that Kate Spade is currently the queen of fashion Facebook, with its holiday episodes featuring Anna Kendrick. Hilarious and beautifully styled, these episodes keep followers coming back for more. Sure, they’re there for the entertainment, but the product placement (think perfectly fitted polka dot dresses and silk scarves used as props) stay in their minds long after they leave the page.

You wouldn’t think that shoes would translate to Twitter, but somehow Reebok makes it work. Bright, simple, and consistent photos paired with brief and commanding text make it possible to quickly browse their profile without much effort, letting them rack up their likes and increase their exposure.

This guest blog post was written by PRowl staff member Savannah Blake. 


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