Diversity vs. Cultural Inclusion: Why Understanding the Difference Could Lead to a Better Work Place


Today’s professional world puts a significant emphasis on diversity. We are always hearing terms such as diverse hiring and diversity recruitment. Diversity in the workplace is thought to increase creativity and innovation among employees. Yet, studies are showing that diversity is only the first step to achieving this, and that cultural inclusion should be an organization’s ultimate goal. Understanding the difference between inclusion and diversity could help businesses make employees feel more valued as well as enhance the work environment.

Diversity simply refers to all the ways that individuals differ these differences could include race, gender, and sexuality. However, inclusion takes diversity to the next level by using these differences as resources to improve the organization as a whole.  When a company shifts its focus towards inclusion it concerns itself, with the needs of every individual; it alters work conditions to ensure that each individual reaches his or her full capabilities. Because employees in an inclusive environment feel respected, valued and supported, they tend to have a better work ethic.

To put it simply, diversity is being invited to the party and inclusion is being asked to dance. When employers force themselves to look past meeting a diversity quota, and begin to realize the importance of cultural difference, they will reap the benefits of a more innovative and creative workplace.

This guest blog post was written by PRowl staff member Victoria Goins. 

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