Easy as Pie: How to Create a Blog Part 3

Brand & Promotion

The best part about blogging is its cost: free. It also allows for easy self-promotion. Creating a blog will allow you to market yourself to employers with an online portfolio of your writing and resume. However, the hardest part about blogging is promoting it to your audience.

Social media is the best way to draw in new followers. Instead of bombarding your own followers on social media outlets, create new profiles for your blog. With your blog having its own Facebook page and Twitter accounts, you can track your growth.

Utilizing hashtags and tagging people in photos will allow you to expand your audience even further. Make sure to follow the audience you want to attract. You can purchase advertisements through Twitter and Facebook. However, channel your inner public relations student and run your own campaign. Create your blog’s own hashtag so your audience can congregate.

Create a Hootsuite account. By scheduling all your social media postings in advance, you don’t have to worry about it during the week. Make sure to #TBT old posts or promote posts that are still relevant. It’s also important to engage with your audience to seem personable. Use TweetDeck to interact with followers and gain feedback.

Another important way to gain a following is to have a visible and easy way for readers to subscribe and join your email newsletters. Add a “Subscribe” portion to your blog. Not only does this allow you to keep track of your audience, but it also keeps readers attention.

Temple alumni and past PRowler Jessica Lawlor successfully branded her blog, Get Gutsy. She interacts with readers on Twitter and social medias to create more of an online presence. She uses the hashtag #GetGutsy to host Twitter chats and interact with her readers.

This guest blog post was written by PRowl staff member Clarissa Ford. You can find Part one and Part two here

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