Nuts for the Nutshell

One of the first emails the student body received at the beginning of the new school year from Temple University was from the “Nutshell.” Like many, I was intrigued when this appeared in my inbox on my iPhone. The unfamiliar name and catchy subject line led me to read on. The Nutshell described itself as “a weekly email just for Temple students with bite-sized nuggets of the news and information you need to navigate life at Temple.” Right away, it was clear this new Monday morning email would become a refreshing way to start the week.

FullSizeRender (1) As an aspiring public relations professional, this instantly got me thinking about how our field and marketing can enhance emails and what essentials are necessary to do so. In an article published by last year, it stated emails rank second in the top five opportunities people use to connect on smartphones, with a 74% rating. Only trailing calls, emails are far from out of style.

There are a handful of tips that should be duly noted when creating successful emails, especially when targeting smartphones. explained there are only three lines that matter when opening an email on a cell phone; the subject line, first line, and from.


For example, pop culture references and minimal, standout words make subject lines captivating. “You’re looking good, Owls” is a subject line the Nutshell used in August that nailed this point. Much like the subject line, the first line has to have personality to it as well.  Let’s face it, we all graze over emails at first, even more so on cell phones.

The Nutshell has a white background that doesn’t overwhelm us, but also captures attention by including fun visuals. Not only are relevant photos included in all weekly emails, but so are GIFs. Yes, GIFs! That, if anything, should make you interested. Some of my other favorite features of this new publication are the links it includes within articles to direct readers to other articles and the option to instantly share news.

As a senior, it’s enjoyable to have an email I look forward to receiving from Temple. I truly feel up to date on exciting news pertaining to the university, but in a hip and modern way. Don’t be so hasty with the delete button next Monday morning and be happy the midnight emails with student and university news are long gone.

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