Easy as Pie: How to Create a Blog Part 2

Pretty as a Picture

One of the most difficult components of creating a blog is actually designing it. Your readership is based on the first impression your blog gives to the audience. You want your blog to look inviting, appealing and simple.

Design & Layout 

Provide accessibility. A blog must look aesthetically pleasing to catch a reader’s attention. It is important to look modern and clean, instead of cluttered and unorganized. It’s important to lead the reader’s eyes towards the most recent post. Organize your site so it’s easy for readers to navigate. A banner along the top or side allows accessibility to other pages, such as your resume or archived posts.

Chose a layout. Sticking to online platforms, such as WordPress or Blogger, is an easy way to design a simple and crisp layout. There are dozens of options for free or purchase. Picking a layout is vital in helping dictate the intent of your blog. Whether it’s a photography or fashion blog, you want your site to visually represent its theme.     

Pick a color scheme. After choosing a layout, you must become dedicated to a color scheme that draws the audience in. It’s important to add color, so that your readers aren’t bored. Color will help readers identify with your blog, so it’s important to find a scheme that captures your theme.

Design a logo. This will help your readers distinguish and remember your site–it will stand out and add a personalized flair. Make sure the logo represents your theme as well. Fashion blog, Why Wear That, has a logo that effortlessly captures a cool simple vibe while also highlighting the name of the site.

A good resource and example on design and layouts is Elembee. Written from the perspective of a web designer, Lisa Butler exhibits an ideal version of a blog. She talks about basics of blogging while relating it to her own experience.

Your blog should really represent you. You’re showing off your work and should be proud of it. Present a site that captures your personality, so readers can relate on a personal level. You want a noteworthy and memorable page that’ll draw an audience to read the content.

This guest blog post was written by PRowl staff member Clarissa Ford. 

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