Strategic Communication Department Awards


Every year Temple University hosts numerous events to showcase the top students in each department. As a university in whole, we are soaring through the ranks, largely in part due to the dedication and hard work from our students. Just this past week U.S. News recognized Temple for its improved rankings.

There are many reasons why Temple students excel in their field, resulting in them being recognized as the top of their class. This past Friday, Doctor Lance Holbert, the chair for the Department of Strategic Communication, hosted an awards dinner to honor a small group of students within the department. The event took place at the Diamond Club in Mitten Hall, where students were given the opportunity to network with the full time faculty of the Strategic Communication Department.

The award presented was the David and Florence Newman Scholarship. This award is given to junior and senior level students who have shown a high scholarly aptitude. There were also faculty recommendations taken into account, again showing us the importance of networking with your professors. A common trend among students in attendance was their involvement in organizations related to their major. There were representatives from PRowl, Temple PRSSA, Temple University’s Black Public Relations Society, and the Temple RPA club. Temple offers over 300 clubs and organizations to allow all students to find something they’re passionate about, the same way that many before them already have. Between our stellar rankings, state of the art resources, and killer football team, it’s a good time to be a Temple Owl.

This guest blog post was written by PRowl account executive Christina Clemence. 

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