Source: Matt Sayles/Invision/AP

A week later, many of us are still cringing at Kanye West’s acceptance speech at the VMA’s. It was long, went on way too many tangents, and ended quite drastically. Although the 2016 presidential primary elections have not happened yet, Kanye West decided that last Sunday night was night to announce to the nation that he would run for president in 2020. Immediately following, Twitter was in uproar. Kanye West 2020 memes flooded timelines. This may have grasped the attention of a nationwide audience that night, however how impactful will this announcement be when Kanye runs 5 years from now? From a PR standpoint, Kanye West has set himself up for a difficult road ahead.

  1. Will people even take him seriously? Considering Kanye admitted to using recreational drugs before his speech, how would people actually take him seriously as a candidate? Being legitimate is important in any PR campaign because that is the only way to influence your key audiences. It is also worthy to note that he has absolutely no political experience.
  1. No one is going to care about his announcement 1 month from now. With news moving at the speed of light, especially with social media, people will forget that Kanye will be a contender in 2020 very shortly. Also, people are still highly concerned about the presidential primary elections at hand, not the ones that will occur five years from now. This will make it harder for Kanye to keep people interested in his potential 2020 campaign. In PR it is extremely important to remain relevant otherwise a campaign will be a complete failure.
  1. No one knows what the future holds. No one can predict what will happen tomorrow, so who knows what state the country will be in after the 2016 presidency. America has changed drastically since Obama first took office in 2012, so it will be hard to predict the circumstances the country will be in 2020. Will people still be making it out to the poles to vote? Kanye clearly did not plan out the timing of this announcement because this was not strategic in the slightest. In PR, timing and strategy are everything.

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