New Semester, New You

Back to school is officially in full swing. Every semester starts with a clean slate. For most of us aspiring PRos, a new internship has started as well. Here are some helpful tips to get you ready to conquer all responsibilities you have over these next few months.

Fall Cleaning – How long has it been since you cleaned out your inbox? If you’re like me, not very long, but it is easy to get lax in the summer months and let things go. Give your email inbox a fresh makeover by cleaning out all old or unwanted mail. This will help you stay organized between classes, the internship, and anything else important.

Buy a Planner – I am a fan of using technology as much as possible, but writing things down is something everyone can benefit from. Even if you use a calendar on your laptop or phone, it is always nice to have a small planner handy for on the go. This will help you remember important dates on the spot or the research paper you thought wasn’t due for another two weeks. You can never be over prepared!

Make Your Mark – As soon to be public relations professionals, we know all about building good relationships. Between new professors, a new supervisor, or the receptionist at the new office, form great relationships from the start. It is important to start off on a good note. Be friendly and reliable because you never know what relationships can help you get where you want to be after graduation.

Motivation is always easy to find in the beginning of the semester, but keeping it around can be a struggle. Don’t wait until the middle of the semester or your internship to start using these tips!

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