Transfering with Ease

People may choose to transfer to other universities for many reasons: financial, social, or a next step from community college. Whatever the case, it can be a difficult transition, and even scarier than where you first came from. Although it can feel overwhelming, hundreds of other students are in the same position. From Temple University’s website, almost half of the undergraduate students have transferred from other educational institutions!

To make the transition even smoother, here are some great ways to ease right in.

First, remain calm. It’s okay to get anxious about all the details until finally settling in. Until that short adjusting period is over, remember you have been moving on to new things all your life and this is just the next great step to an even more beautiful and bright future.

Second, whether living on or off campus, there is no excuse not to get involved. Yes, it sounds obvious but this is the key to success. Clubs offer a wide variety of interests to everyone as a well as instant friends. Aside from the social aspect, build a stable relationship with professors as well. When academic life is happy, social life benefits.

Lastly, have fun. This is college, the only time in life where there is little worry and the options are limitless. No matter what brought on the decision to transfer, it will be for the better. Also, don’t let whatever didn’t work out before hold you back. A personal piece of advice if you ever have a question and you’re afraid to ask, remember, the worst they can say is ‘no.’

This guest blog post was written by PRowl staff member Marissa Reale. 

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