Don’t just be busy, be productive

Classes kick off for Temple University, and many other schools tomorrow. For me, and all the other workaholics out there, it’s great to be getting back to a structured schedule and workday. For a lot of other people, though, they’re dreading getting back into the swing of things. It’s easy to get caught up in work for internships, jobs and classes, and begin to feel stressed and just busy. So here are some tips to keep you productive, instead of feeling overwhelmed.

Map out your day

We all have our handy planners and notebooks for making to-do lists, but how often do you go over that list before you start your day? Sometimes, when you make up a list of tasks for the day, you may just write down whatever you may think of in a random order and then end up working through that order from top to bottom. Make up the list at the beginning of the day and then look back at what needs to be done. Do you need to drop off a prescription and pick up some food from the grocery store? Do you have a class right by a professor’s office where you need to drop off some work? See what tasks you can knock out all at once and save yourself the time running back and forth.

Set up routines

Routines are the key to saving time. Morning routines, bedtime routines, scheduling routines…I clearly worship at the alter of routines. By setting up these daily habits, you spend less time on the simple day-to-day decisions and free up time for work that requires more energy. Try setting your clothing out, or even making your breakfast or lunch, the night before to save yourself time in the morning. The Daily Muse is also full of tips for which routines and rituals can help save you time and make you more productive during your day.

Take time for yourself

When your schedule is controlled by your professors, your internship and other commitments, you can easily become stressed and overwhelmed. It’s important to set time aside for you to spend on whatever hobbies or activities let you relax. For me, it’s an hour in the morning to go to the gym. I’ve found that being physically active is a great stress reliever and it helps me get up in the morning. On top of that, striving to reach high expectations in my fitness and health has led me to set higher bars in the other areas of my life. Of course that doesn’t have to apply strictly to the gym. Do you like to paint? Read? Binge TV? See how you can work those activities into your life and how you can use them to boost your drive.

This blog post was written by PRowl Director of Public Relations Helena Wilcox. Follow her on Twitter at @helenapwilcox. 

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