3 Insanely Successful Fashion Publicists

It takes a special kind of person to work in the fast paced and cutthroat business of fashion, especially if you’re a publicist. You have to pay your dues, work your butt off and look chic all at the same time. These women did just that and ended up climbing their way to the very top of the industry. Hopefully, the stories of their success will be motivation enough to make it through one more day of emails and updates!

Crosby Noricks

A lover of the mentor system, Noricks is all about empowering young girls going into her industry. Her blog, PR Couture, features interviews from the industry’s top dogs, tips on how to stay on top of your PR game, and summaries of what’s happening in fashion marketing at the moment. Recently featured on 25 Internet Marketing Leaders, iMedia’s annual cyber-list, Noricks is undoubtedly establishing herself on the internet and beyond.

Cindy Krupp

This media mogul made the bold decision in 2001 to leave her job at Barney’s in order to start her fashion PR company, Krupp Group. Turning down around 75 percent of the businessit is approached with, and boasting over 8,500 Twitter followers, Krupp Group is a true testament to what hard work and dedication can do. In an interview with Fashionista.com, Krupp stated, “It’s supposed to seem like it just happened. It’s supposed to feel organic and synergistic. It’s ok that people don’t understand what we do; it means that we’re doing our jobs well.”

Aliza Licht

Also known as DKNY PR Girl, Licht has worked at Donna Karan International for 17 years and created a hefty social media following by making her work accessible to the public. She will be leaving in the fall in order to follow the success of her book, “Leave Your Mark”, and pursue new opportunities in the world of media. Although she is leaving her post at DKNY, she’s the perfect example of all the opportunities that are available to one working in PR.

This guest blog post was written by PRowl staff member Savannah Blake. 

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