Holiday Social Media Tips

Source: Seevibes

Happy 4th of July weekend!

As one of the major summer holidays, public relations and marketers work hard to craft 4th of July social media campaigns to attract their audience’s attention. Most campaigns are made for Twitter but more are happening on Snapchat and Instagram too.

The biggest obstacle is trying to stand out from the crowd and get your message heard. Here are some ways to get your brand noticed on social media.

1. Include visuals
Whether it is a picture, GIF or video, any visual element increases engagement and makes people stop and look. Be creative with pictures and make sure you take them from the best angle with a plain background so it is easy to see, especially since a lot of people will be viewing your content on a small screen. If possible, take high quality photographs with an actual camera and then upload them later onto social media.

2. Make a creative hashtag
Your hashtag is extremely important for people to find your campaign, and it also lets you monitor traffic and engagements. Incorporate the holiday and your brand for users to instantly make the connection. On posts, include your unique hashtag and a trending hashtag to further expand your audience and engagement.

3. Build in giveaways or contests
As per tradition, brands love doing special holiday sales and promotions to increase sales and awareness. Promotions work well to attract new people to your brand because everyone loves getting something for less or even free. Create promotions that require users to share your brand’s posts with their followers. In addition, any promotions or offers also spread through word of mouth too.

The upcoming holidays are a great time to boost your brand and increase traffic on all social media sites. You can also take some of these tips and apply them to your personal social media pages too.

This blog post was written by PRowl Secretary Shaun Luberski.

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