Creating a productive environment

Summertime is when we prepare ourselves for the upcoming fall semester. Big plans are coming our way! The summer season may be challenging if you are dealing with a job and/or an internship, but nothing compares to a full workload of classes, work-study, another job, on-campus organizations, and maybe even an internship. Responsibilities can be a tough thing to handle. Living in a space that naturally forces you to stay on top of things makes life a bit easier. Whether you are moving into a new apartment or dorm room, or coming back to your previous apartment, you must make the most of your environment. Create a consistently constructive and fruitful home atmosphere to provoke productivity.

Source: Realistic Shots

Although the method of Feng-Shui discourages us from blending work-energy with our personal spaces, one must do so when on a budget. With that being said, keep your workspace as just that, your workspace. Make certain to keep any unneeded objects off of your desk, especially ones that may just take up space and add distractions.

Use blues.Blue is the color of productivity and stimulates efficiency and focus. You do not have to paint your walls blue, but you can bring in blue accents to your bedroom or make a calming blue your color scheme. If you already had other plans for your bedroom designs, place a few needed blue objects on your desk. Perhaps a glance at such a mind-stimulating color can be beneficial.

Of course, the most crucial part of optimizing your productivity is living clutter-free. When you stay organized and rid your environment of overwhelming extras, you eliminate distractions and allow your mind to flourish. Clutter is physical build-up, which leads to mental build-up, a.k.a. stress. Your workflow cannot proceed freely when you are stressed.

Use dry-erase boards! A dry-erase board is a To-Do List’s best friend. Keep one by the door in your bedroom to prioritize your daily responsibilities so you are reminded of your obligations every time you leave your bedroom. Talk to your roommates about putting a dry-erase board in the common area. This will not only help if anyone has a message to leave for each other but it can promote productivity within your entire home. Write down important dates on the board such as when rent is due or a cleaning schedule.

Keep a speaker in your room.Studies show that moderate noise levels can boost creativity and keep your work flowing. Why? Because soothing sounds make it easier for you to process difficulty. Remember that the volume should be moderate and the music should be ambient. You don’t want the noise to overwhelm your thinking.

Lastly, lighting is important. Worrying about the lighting in your bedroom may seem unnecessary. You may think, “Well I can see, what more do I have to do.” Lower and natural lighting is actually beneficial to coming up with creative ideas. On the other hand, a brighter environment helps you to maintain concentration. When decorating your bedroom, have at least two separate lights in which one is brighter than the other to create different settings for various stages of work.

There is a lot that goes into one’s productive mind. Creating a productive environment where you spend a great deal of time will only make getting your work done easier.

This guest blog post was written by PRowl staff member Marlo Brooks

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