Summer Traveling on a Budget: How to Gain Experience Without Going Abroad

Summertime isn’t just for relaxation and catching up on sleep.

Many students use the time off to travel abroad through programs offered by their colleges, which often gives them the opportunity to study or intern in a foreign country. These programs are wonderful, and many students talk about their experiences for years after their trip.

However, these programs are very expensive, and they also require a student to give up a lot of time, which may not be possible if he or she is trying to graduate within a set number of years.

If you are a student who cannot afford to travel abroad for whatever reason, don’t worry! There are many different travel experiences that you can have that will enrich you and give you many stories to tell your friends when school resumes in the fall:

1. Museum hopping in your closest city: If you want to learn something new while experiencing a new environment, a great way to do so is through exploring museums in a city. Many museums have days in which students can be admitted at a discounted cost, and different museums have different themes that will satisfy different interests. After a day of hopping through multiple displays, take some time to experience the nightlife of the city you are visiting. You will come away from your experience with knowledge of a new topic, and you will have had fun experiencing a new type of urban culture.

2. Sitting on the beach: This idea may sound like all fun and no work, but it doesn’t have to be that way! While soaking up the sun, you can pick up a book you have been dying to read about the PR industry or professionalism, which may help you during your upcoming semester. If you aren’t located near a beach, explore other options. Some lakes are just as popular as beaches, and have sandy areas waiting for beach towels and umbrellas!

3. Visiting a historical site: Regardless of where you are located, there are historical sites around you. Visiting these sites will give you an opportunity to experience our country’s history first hand rather than through a history Gen Ed! Find sites near you by searching online-you never know what you will find!

What are some of your summer plans? Let us know in the comments!

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