Answering “How is the job search going?” and other awkward questions during summer break

Summer break is a time for rest and relaxation, but it isn’t completely stress-free.

One of the greatest stressors of the sunny season is the barrage of questions from family members and friends who are dying to know answers to their inquiries that you might not know yourself.

These questions can blindside you at barbecues, birthday parties, or even family vacations, so it is important to be ready to answer them without letting your emotions get out of hand.

Here are some of the most common and uncomfortable questions you may get asked this summer, and tips on how to answer them:

1. “What do you do in your major?”- This question is so predictable for PR majors that most of us already have an eye roll on standby. However, it is important to remember that at one point, you may not have had a complete definition of your major, and you may have struggled to figure out where your studies would take you in the real world. Most PR students still have trouble finding a fitting definition for our major even after we have become upperclassmen! It can be helpful to speak about your favorite classes in PR or even describe the areas of PR that interest you the most. That way, you aren’t reciting a textbook definition, and you are explaining your interest in the field as well.

2. “Aren’t you worried about finding a job?”- This question is so forward, it may knock you off your feet when you first hear it. Unfortunately, people may ask you these kinds of questions, and even though it may sting at the time, it is important to be honest with your answer and be confident in your abilities. You can be honest if you are a bit nervous, but focus on the experiences you have had (such as internships) and classes you have taken that have prepared you for the professional world, and bulk up your answer with reasons that you are confident in yourself and your future job search.

3. “How is the job search going?”- Recent graduates are already under stress trying to find jobs, and random questions regarding the search can not only be annoying, but also upsetting. It is important to keep in mind that most people are not asking maliciously, and are only curious to see what your plans are. If you have a job secured, congratulations, but if not, don’t feel ashamed. Answer the question truthfully, and try not to get upset. It could be possible that the person asking has a position in mind for you to look into!

What do you think of these answers to these common questions? Let us know!

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