Ways to Stay PRepared This Summer

Spring semester is winding down, and thankfully the chaos of finals is coming to an end. You finally have time to think without having the stress of school work weighing you down. So now the next big question crosses your mind: what am I going to do this summer? If you start freaking out because your summer plans are not set in stone, take a deep breath and relax! Don’t forget that you are not the only one.  Whether you are still applying for internships or taking this time off, here are tips for the summer to set yourself up for success.

If you want an internship for the summer, keep looking!
It is not too late to get an internship, so do not give up! You can use internship websites like internships.com, internmatch.com and internqueen.com to find the latest opportunities in areas near you. It is always smart to check the career pages of companies you are interested in. Even if a position is not posted, you can always reach out and see they’d be interested in hiring an intern.

Sharpen your skills
When you look around on internship descriptions, take note of what skill sets and experiences keep popping up in several postings. Summer is a great opportunity to develop skills that you haven’t had time to improve on during the busy school year. For example, maybe you want to start your personal website you have been thinking about! Taking time to assess your weaknesses this summer will help you build new skills that can land your dream internship in the future. There are many online resources dedicated to helping with online skills. Free websites like Codecamedy and Khan Academy will teach you the art of coding and helpful tips for Excel. Don’t forget that Temple offers free Lynda.com workshops through your TUportal account!

Do something for yourself
It may seem like everyone around you has an internship, and you might be stressing about it, but it does not mean you are falling behind. Instead of focusing on what everyone else is doing, take the summer as a chance to pay more attention to yourself. Go out and explore a quiet little town that you live near or go on the hunt for the best brunch-whatever it is, go out and do it! Take care of your mind and body this summer, and you will feel a whole lot better by the time fall semester rolls around. You might even be thankful for the time to step back and relax.

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