Chase for a Cure


Last week PRSSA held a fundraising walk on Temple’s campus to raise money for Fox Cancer Research. Members of PRSSA, PRowl, and the Temple student body as a whole came to the track on Sunday morning to support the cause. With opportunities to win raffle prizes, buy homemade treats, and enjoy a beautiful day to bond with friends, the event was a huge success. In total over 125 students participated and $3,239 was raised.

This walk is one of the many events organized by Temple students every year. Whether it is on campus or off, there are always plenty ways to get involved as a volunteer. Outside of the obvious benefits of raising money for a good cause, there are plenty of other reasons you should put aside some time to do volunteer work.

The first is the importance of getting involved in your community. It only makes sense that you want the place you live to be inclusive, vibrant and safe. Volunteering with causes like Adopt-a-Block directly impacts your community in a positive way.

The second reason to volunteer is that it shows potential employers that you’re well-rounded, caring, and overall want to dedicate your time to something that matters. Volunteer experience is always something important to include, especially if you are new to your major and don’t have a lot on your resume.

The final reason to volunteer is simply because it feels good! Knowing that you’ve made a difference in someone else’s life is a reward in and of itself.

Now that it’s summer, take the time to sign up for a 5K, organize a canned food drive, or anything else you can think of to benefit your community. Or if you’re looking to get creative, you could always look into events like Firefly or Made in America, and gain free admission to these with your volunteering time. Whatever the benefit is, get out there and find something you’re passionate about to be a part, even if that passion is for music festivals.

This guest blog post was written by PRowl staff member Christina Clemence. 

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