Say Hello to PRowl’s New Leaders

Over the weekend, PRowl Public Relations held a leadership retreat for all of our newly selected leaders. The incoming Firm Director, current Firm Director, and current Executive Board led a presentation on PRowl’s policies and future.

Leadership retreat is important for the transition and understanding of one’s new role in the firm. Additionally, the retreat is an excellent way for our firm to receive feedback from those who are members, and efficiently execute the ideas they have for the growth of the firm.

(Source:Tiny HR)
PRowl’s 2015-2016 Executive Board:
Alyssa Guckin, Firm Director
Rute Barkai, Assistant Firm Director
Faiz Mandviwalla, Assistant Firm Director
Maggie Wurst, Assistant Firm Director
Helena Wilcox, Director of Public Relations
Gabrielle Lacherza, Director of Finance
Shaun Luberski, Secretary
PRowl’s 2015-2016 Account Executives:
Kelly Armstrong
Christina Clemence
Rene Cosides
Janelle Grace
Megan Healy
Hannah Litchfield, Junior AE
Olivia Noble
The new Executive Board will have its first task in two weeks – interviewing and hiring new staff members for the Fall semester! Email to set up an interview on April 27, 28, or 29. Applicants will need to provide a resume and writing sample upon interviewing.

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