Meerkat: SXSW’s Hottest App

It seems like there is always a new and inventive app trending that it’s sometimes difficult to keep up. The latest taking the app store by storm is Meerkat, a user-friendly iPhone app which allows users to livestream video. It also links (well, linked, but more on that later) to Twitter, allowing users to comment and share through tweets. It’s quickly becoming the hottest trend at this year’s South by Southwest festival (SXSW), an annual festival celebrating music, film, and interactive media.
Twitter recently confirmed their purchase of Meerkat’s competitor Periscope. Now they are limiting Meerkat’s access to the “Twitter graph,” effectively making it impossible for users to find and follow other Meerkat users. It’s a setback and experts are skeptical the app can recover.
Whether it’s a long-lasting service or a SXSW trend, here’s everything you need to know about this videosharing app so you can get to “Meerkating” too.
  • It’s only developed for iOS , allowing users to live stream from iPhones or iPads. Sorry Android users.
  •  Previously, when Meerkat users start streaming, the app would automatically tweet out a link to the video. The app “borrows” your social network from Twitter so you don’t need to search and add your current social media following on yet another outlet.
  • Since Twitter acquired livestreaming competitor Periscope, they have removed the app’s access to this “graph,” giving Meerkat a hesitant future. 
  • Twitter only gave Meerkat cofounder Ben Rubin two hours’ notice before cutting off their access. 
  • Although SXSW continues until Sunday, many assume Meerkat will receive the unofficial “it” app of the festival.
It’s not all bad news for current and future Meerkat users, though. You can still post videos on Twitter and log in to Meerkat using your Twitter password/username.  The difference is that Twitter will no longer automatically send notifications telling your followers when you are streaming live.
Give it a try and let us know what you think of this up and coming app!

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